Meet The Family: Susan Scott

by Tony Potter

Meet The Family: Susan Scott

It takes an army to make a business run. Here at T. Potter Advertising, we value each and every team member we have on staff. This month, we would like to highlight our Vice President of Client Services, Susan Scott. She has become the cornerstone of T. Potter since coming onboard, and we want to let you know a bit about her and what makes her tick.

Q: Are you a born and raised Kentucky girl?

A: YES! I grew up in Maysville, KY, but I’ve lived in several cities around the U.S.

Q: What is your favorite Disney movie?

A: Toy Story

Q: Where has your professional path taken you?

A: After I graduated from UK with a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications, I spent a few years working in the Lexington media industry. In 2004, I left to pursue a career in film and television. During this time, I worked on several TV shows as well as produced commercials and films. In 2010, I realized my heart was pulling me back to Kentucky for family. In December, I became a part of the T. Potter family, and I’ve enjoyed expanding our footprint and expertise.

Q: What is your reality TV guilty pleasure?

A: Alaskan Bush People. I’ve worked in “reality” TV and I know that it is not “real”, but I sure do love watching these people live in the bush. I feel pretty strongly that I would be able to do the same thing…for maybe a few hours.

Q: What are some fun facts about you?


  1. Growing up in Kentucky, we were always outside - riding bikes, swimming, riding horses with my best friend, and playing ball with my sisters.
  2. Family traditions are extremely important to me, and I really enjoy sharing these traditions with my 4-year old son, Alex. Traditions like sitting at the table for dinner every night (at least for now!) and camping over the summer.
  3. When I’m not at the office, I love spending time with my son, fixing up my new house, and watching documentaries on Netflix after I put my son to bed (historical docs are my fave).

Q: My 3 favorite foods are…

A: French fries, pizza, and milkshakes…..even though I believe the right answer should be kale, quinoa, and carrots.

Q: My most common punishment as a child was…

A: I never got in trouble (ask my mom).

We hoped you enjoyed learning a little bit about Susan. If you would like to learn more about what we do here at T. Potter Advertising, please send Susan an email at

‘Til next month…