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  • The White Ice Cube

    The White Ice Cube

    I noticed the white ice cube simply because it’s different. I’m guessing its cooling properties are the same as the other ice cubes, but this stood out because it looked different. I believe that’s what advertising should do. Stand out.

  • It Takes Good, Old-Fashioned Client Service

    It Takes Good, Old-Fashioned Client Service

    What happened to good, ole-fashioned client service? Managing a business in a day of digital analytics and bottom-lines, it’s easy to forget the human component. The yardstick of growth or success is then based on dollar signs ONLY. While “keeping the lights on” is important, I would argue a different viewpoint. How about a business model that is 100% truly client-centric, where it’s all about building trust and creating positive relationships? Sound too fluffy for you? I’ll explain.

  • What Bourbon Has Taught Me About Business

    What Bourbon Has Taught Me About Business

    This is a tough question for brands, for sure, but it’s a question that needs to be asked. It will cause tension. It will ruffle some feathers. But whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a service, hosting an event, or forming a new brand altogether, you MUST ask yourself and your team this question.