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We may not have been the cool kids in high school, but I like to think that we are peaking at the right time. T. Potter is a collection of really talented individuals who spend more time together than we do with our own families and friends. So we must love each other, right? We got our Star Wars fans and our Trekkies, our moms and dads, the breakfast shake folks and the carnivores, our partiers and our homebodies, tabletop RPGers and voracious readers, criers and stone-faced robots. Perhaps we're a collection of misfits that all seem to have found a home a T. Potter. One thing is certain, we love what we do, and if you spend a little time with us, we'll be happy to tell you our stories.

A Note From Our Founder

T. Potter started in May of 2015, when my business partner and I wanted to create a different kind of ad agency — one that truly pursues client satisfaction over immediate monetary gains. What started out in my basement, quickly grew into something pretty cool. Our goal is, and has always been, do work that clients love and want to brag about. We don't chase awards. We don't have time for that. What we really love to do is launch a new brand into the marketplace or help an existing brand relaunch into something great. My absolute favorite thing about this work is diving headlong into a new company. I love doing the work of T. Potter, and I love getting to do it with our motley team of subject matter experts.